Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Day 74

Long time since I updated so thought I would share a few new photographs with you...

How NOT to let us owls get the better of you!!!

Dad had spent ages with me this morning - we have the normal play time, then weighing in, maybe food time and then its time to go outside...

Only today I didnt like the look of it so played dad up a treat!

When he wasnt fully paying attention I took advantage and flew to his shoulder...

Now for those who have met me you know just HOW sharp my talons I had dad just where I wanted him... so I thought....

But dont worry - no dad's were harmed during this photo shoot!!

Enjoy and see you again soon....



  1. Great pics! Well done for not looking pained by the talons in the shoulder! Ouch!! What a fantastic wingspan Ulula has! Pauline x

  2. Great pictures!!
    She certainly didn't want to go out eh!!
    Mx ;)