Saturday, 24 March 2012

Day 49

Welcome to DAY 49 of the day to day living of our beautiful baby Bengal Eagle Owl

24th March 2012

Long long time since we were last here isn't it? Like I have been saying days are all the same so really nothing to tell you most of the time....

But today I do have some bits and bobs for you....

Today was the 2nd time in as many days that I have been out and about in my big solid box and in the car...

I have now had my big owl jessies fitted and I was not at all impressed by them – in fact a week on and I'm still of the same opinion!! Take a peep at the piccies and see for yourself what I think.

And I have a super duper perch all of my own – and I H A T E it big time!! Dad tethers me to the ring and stands me on the perch but before he is even stood upright again I am on the floor – I know I am going to have to get used to it – but in my time if you don't mind!!!

Back to my trips out then...seems dad has had some phone calls of late that have caused him to take me out on visits – he had a few events booked but then they were cancelled – and not by him – which was sad news – but these things happen for a reason – so as I said we visited loads of garden centres within our area

Cos I'm cute and cuddly – and don't say I'm not – everyone wanted to touch, photograph, hold, cuddle me...and most of them did do... and naturally I am a crowd puller – which again is an advantage
So we all came away from every single garden centre we visited with bookings – at least 3 times as many as we had prior to the cancellation telephone calls – I'm so excited now – I just love to show off – and I'm sure I grow with the attention – so bring on these events – not long to wait as the first one is almost upon us already!!!

I have been spending a lot of time – quality time too – with my dad – where he goes I go! And he has been working ion his shed – mainly on my big box and my perch so he pops me on the gravel out front and lets me just watch the world go by.

The kids in the street all crowd round the gates trying to pronounce my name and call me to them – yeah right – do they think I'm dim? I don't think I like kids...or is it cos I hear mum and dad all the time saying they don't like kids????

I am still naughty in the big plastic box – it is sat under the kitchen cupboard but I know if I jump up and down I can get the box to move to the edge of the unit and one more big jump sees the box hit the floor – and the wood cat litter dad uses in my box sure does scatter!!! Then once free I either get up onto the kitchen worktop to see what's laying around or I make my way through to the dining room... mum finds it amusing how I make my way to the living room door then tap on it repeatedly with my beak – nobody answers usually though....these piccies were me making my way to the front door - waiting for dad to take me outside for an hour to play.....

But if the mood takes me I will fly up the stairs – then I can torment the dogs as they are scared stiff of me – I sit there all puffed up – and they just stay away, they moan and moan till mum or dad come along and spoil my fun...dogs are pathetic!!!

These days I have a good healthy appetite and I am eating day old chick, large mice and rat – my weight has come on well so now I am over the 3lb mark...

All in all – life is pretty good for a 9 week old Bengal Eagle Owl...

These piccies were taken when dad and I were mobbed at the garden centres today!!!

Thanks for dropping by my friends – remember to change your clocks tonight too – they need to go forward one hour!

Until the next time..

Take care


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