Sunday, 11 March 2012

Day 36

Welcome to DAY 36 of the day to day living of our beautiful baby Bengal Eagle Owl

Bet you were wondering just where I was these days weren't you? Well really nothing was happening so it wasn't really worth mum sitting here waffling on about nothing was it?

But today there are a few things to share with you!

To start with I aren't eating much – maybe its the change of weather or could it be I was over greedy of late so now I'm too full to eat any more, but what ever it is or was its not important – my weight is good – today I was 2lb 9oz...

I have to tell you its a hard life being a female – we always have something needs doing – take the other day, there I was on the work top when suddenly I spotted an old cloth – well you all know I'm nosy so naturally I made my way over for it and can you believe this – I ended up washing down the kitchen worktop – I have proof just in case you don't believe me – look at these photo's!!!

Dad has been working in his shed all week, he has revamped a perch for me – oh I tell you, it looks lovely!

He has painted it shiny black and covered the stand in new rope – I was lucky enough to have a stand on it in the shed today,.. I really do like it!!!

And what's more – I have a super duper box too – all of my own!! I watch dad put Kai in his box every night – he seems so lucky to have a place all of his own – and now I have one too!!! I have been in the box for a short time and I heard dad telling mum I would have to start standing on the perch every day and also be in the box to get used to it – the box is where I will live of a night when I am older!

Dad & I have a great relationship – wherever he goes he takes me with him so today when he was in his shed I was out too – when I was fed up of being in the shed I went for a wander around the front garden – you should have seen all the young kids faces – because its been a lovely bright and sunny day the children have all been out on their bikes – making so much noise – but I stopped them all in their tracks!!!

Well as much as I enjoy chattering away to you all like this I'm afraid I have run out of interesting things to tell you for today!

I do hope I have another exciting day again tomorrow so I can share the happenings with you....

Take care – night - xxx

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